Don’t Read This (it’s about the Lost Lectures)

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November 24, 2013 by hattersleysmith

Lost Lectures

This is about the ‘Lost Lectures’ (which you really shouldn’t read about because it’s a secret movement you see).

No honestly, you should stop reading because if you don’t you’ll find out about one of the coolest, most enlightening evenings you’ll possibly have experienced to date.

It’s your call.


The ‘Lost Lectures’ are a series of talks from an eclectic range of world-class thought leaders, displaced from the often high faluntin pretension of academia. Sitting ring-side at the York House boxing rink in East London in high expectation for the latest from the ‘Lost Folk’ felt intriguingly sacrilegious.

I happened upon the event whilst browsing through the Twittersphere for cool events in my lunch hour and I’ll be attending every event I can get my hands on tickets for in the future.  It was a phenomenal evening, and with beer flowing, arm-wrestling in full swing in the corner and ready grub from all sides, the whole thing felt more like the build up to a music festival than a lecture series.


LL Hadyn Parry

The evening opened with a talk by Hadyn Parry (@HadynParry), the executive officer of Oxitec which is tackling Dengue Fever by developing sterile mosquitoes (sterile mosquitoes that only became fertile to produce more sterile mosquitoes when fed special food) and releasing them in areas with high victim-rates.  The tangible results are awesome, with Dengue-causing mosquito populations falling to nil after a release – an example of creative logic at its most world-changing.


LL Caroline Criado-Perez

Next up was Caroline Criado-Perez (@CCriadoPerez), the feminist you’ll probably remember for her campaign to get Jane Austen on the £10 note.  Her compelling and terrifying talk highlighted with startling clarity the inequality and violence women face in the modern world on a daily basis and called for a growing number of strong female role models to give young girls the inspiration and confidence they need to aspire.


LL James Freedman

To round off the first half, pickpocket and entertainer James Freedman (@JamesFreedman) robbed a couple of not-so-willing volunteers in an uncannily easy display of wallet-thievery and watch-nicking.  A stark reminder to all to keep your iPhone close on busy knock-a-bout city streets.


The not-quite-an-interval starred a battle between rap and poetry, featuring a array of East London’s best street poets and rap artists raising their rhymes against society, politics and being human with flair and comedy.


LL Susie Bubble

Fashion blogger, Susie Lau (@SusieBubble) spoke on the booming online fashion world, the style icons that have emerged along with the fame and fortune that has polluted the originality these fashionistas first set out to pursue.  She also spoke on the brandification of the ‘blog’ genre and its replication by retail giants in their photo shoots, conversational copy and their seeming personability (one only has to look at Burberry’s Instagram-Twitter-Pinterest-Vine to observe brand-blogging at its most ‘real’).


LL Jasper Gibson

Then came founder of procrastination abyss The Poke, Jasper Gibson (@ThePoke) who stood for the democratisation of comedy online and talked about the restrictive nature of the publishing industry on new talent.


LL Reeps One

The evening was rounded off by sound engineer and beat-box extraordinaire Reeps One (@Reeps1) who told a deeply personal narrative about growing up with ADD, questioning the semantics of a ‘dis’order which has paradoxically ordered his life, before blowing the crowd away with a magnificent beat-box finale.


East, West, North, South the crowds split to the tubes, sated, enriched and inspired.  Bring on 2014!


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